07 Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Fit


The weight loss journey is a very personal and private part of any individual. There are numerous ways to lose weight which even certain studies prove. Weight loss statistics vary from age group to body type.

Losing extra weight is not an easy task. However, by following these 7 ways you can lose weight and can stay fit. Read about these tips here.

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1: Avoiding Processed Foods

When you start your weight loss journey, you would have heard to go on a diet immediately. But that is not true. Simply cutting back on processed foods will take tons of unnecessary calories off your back.

To stay healthy, dietitians will tell you to avoid processed foods at all costs. The unhealthiest calories are consumed through them.

Junk foods, bakery items, and sweetened drinks will only add to the amount of stress and weight you already have.

2: Visit the Gym

Yes, you can lose weight at home but to accelerate that process, visiting a gym at least 3 times a week is a must. Get a workout schedule from the trainer according to your body type.

Use the equipment that will help you lose weight and create endurance. Do muscle strengthening exercises and cardio to boost weight loss. Lifting weight can also help to strengthen your body.

3: Avoid Stress

I know it is not easy to not stress about things. COVID around the block on top of your own emotional stress can make it hard to think about other things. But instead of lying down and procrastinating about it, get up and work out.

Take this as an inspiration to lose weight and achieve healthy weight goals even if it takes up to a year. That whole time you take to lose weight and avoid the baggage of stress will be more than worth it in the end.

4: Count your Calories

Most people will say that you do not need to know how much calories you are consuming. For most people, it might be right but it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.

Keeping a check of your calories will let you know about the exact number of calories you need to eat and reduce to keep your weight in check. Normally an individual is allowed to consume 2000 calories a day. But when you are losing weight this amount changes.

5: Promote Gut Health

Your gut is your best friend in all things food. Eating gut-friendly food will not only sustain you but will also be beneficial in the long run. This will lessen the chances of acid reflux and gastrointestinal illness that is bound to happen in extreme weight loss cases.

Eating probiotic foods and fiber-rich foods will make the best of your gut health and boost your weight loss.

6: Sleep and Drink-up

Sleeping does not mean taking a nap for an hour or getting lost in the dream world for more than half a day. Don’t get lazy and spend most of your time in bed, eat, work, and exercise.

Now don’t just survive on power naps or shut-eye. Get the proper amount of sleep that is necessary for every individual.

Losing weight can make your skin dull and tired looking. To keep that healthy radiance and glow; hydrate. This cannot be emphasized enough. Staying hydrated is the biggest ambassador of every weight loss routine. So remind yourself to drink water every hour or so.

7: Keep a record

Keep a record of all your weight loss activity. Get an app on your phone to calculate your miles, activity, and weight loss program. This will guide you throughout your journey and also boost your morale while keeping you on your toes.

See, losing weight itself is not hard. But getting yourself to lose weight is. Keep in mind that you only have to lose weight once and then staying fit and maintaining that weight is the real tough challenge.



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