Can Google Preserve the United States Submit Business office From a Personal bankruptcy Meltdown – Of course, Not How You Consider

Oct 6, 2020 Others

Nicely, the United States Postal Services has determined to increase the price of 1st-class stamps by a single penny. No, that will not be adequate to solve their economic woes, legacy expenses and underfunded pensions, or get them into a profitable scenario. The actuality is that they are unable to raise the price of stamps way too considerably, the place folks will merely stop using the mail altogether, in a lot of regards that has previously occurred hasn’t it? Confident, because of to electronic communications, e-mail, fax equipment, textual content messaging, and what have you, things have transformed. Factors will get even even worse as 3-D printing gets to be far more commonplace. All right so let’s speak.

Well then, what need to be done to conserve the United States submit place of work you ask? Probably it really is time to Google it? That is to say that maybe Google can save the USPS from a full bankruptcy meltdown. Am I suggesting that Google demands to partner with the USPS, or consider over its operations? No, fairly, what lite blue suggest is that Google’s autonomous car technology, at its Google X research division, arrive up with a self-driving postal shipping and delivery automobile.

Interestingly enough, this wouldn’t be as challenging as you might feel. After all, the motor vehicle would push the precise identical route every single solitary day, it would end at the specific identical mailboxes which are in the specific very same position that they’ve usually been. Just isn’t it time that we consider affordable robotics which can form the mail, load the shipping cars, and then send out them out by by themselves? You may consider we are conversing about all science fiction right here, but I assure you I am not. You see, I was at the 1st DARPA Problem and it is wonderful how much this technology has occur given that then in only a 10 years. It really is virtually prepared now for what I propose.

There is an exciting research paper I think you ought to study titled “CarSpeak: A Content-Centric Community for Autonomous Driving,” by Swarun Kumar, Lixin Shi, Nabeel Ahmed, Stephanie Gil, Dina Katabi and Daniela Rus Massachusetts Institute of Technological innovation (2012).

Without a doubt, after you go through that research paper I think you are going to concur with the authors that soon we will have automatic rubbish collector vehicles which drive autonomously as effectively. It really is just 1 much more phase in integrating the robotic manage techniques that kind the mail making it possible for them to load the postal jeeps for them to go out and do their support. They have all the sensors, optical reading techniques, and communications programs needed to get this accomplished. That would help save the United States Postal Services a large quantity of funds and stop them from going bankrupt because they would not have any workers to shell out.

Is this feasibly feasible and can it be carried out on a sensible return on expenditure? The economies of scale must supply for this if it is accomplished by organizations that are just making an attempt to scrape the product off the best and make a enormous quantity of funds for on their own, but are actually intrigued in solving the difficulty and repairing the Put up Business office. You should think about all this and consider on it.

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