How to Use Robots.txt For Your Proxy Web-sites

Oct 13, 2021 Others

If you are operating a absolutely free net proxy and do not use a robots.txt, you may obtain problems coming your way from other angry webmasters claiming that you have stolen their internet content. If you do not fully grasp this, then at least don’t forget this term “proxy hijacking” well. You see, when a proxy user uses your free of charge internet proxy is applied to retrieve a further website’s contents, those content are becoming rewritten by the proxy script and appear to be hosted on your proxy web-site automatically. What used to be on other internet sites now becomes your content material following some proxy users visited these third party web sites.

Next, you have search engine bots from Google,Yahoo and MSN etc crawling through your proxy sites content material and indexing those automatically produced or so referred to as stolen content material and associating these content to your proxy internet site. When the actual owners and authors of these content material do a search on search engines and uncover those content getting listed on your internet proxy (and not on their personal websites), they turn angry and get started issuing abuse emails to your hosting provider and to the search engines. Your proxy web site will end up getting removed from the search engine results and that might imply a wonderful loss of net targeted traffic and income for you.

Some hosting providers will also suspend your hosting accounts despite the fact that this is not probably for specialized proxy hosting providers that are employed to handling such complaints and know that the genuine lead to of the proclaimed abuses. If vpi are working with AdSense or any other advertising networks for monetizing your web proxy, these complainers may well even go as far as to attempt and get your AdSense accounts banned by report that you are a spammer that is using duplicate content material.

If you do not know what internet proxy scripts you are utilizing but you know you got them no cost, then most probably you are applying either of the three major proxy scripts: CGI Proxy, Phproxy and Glype. For comfort, we give a sample robots.txt that operates with their default installations:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /browse.php

Disallow: /

Disallow: /nph-proxy.cgi/

Disallow: /index.php?q*

Copy the above supply code into a robots.txt and upload it to the root directory for each and every proxy web page. Building correct robots.txt files for your proxy internet websites is an usually forgotten but essential step for quite a few proxy owners, in particular these that personal significant proxy networks consisting of hundreds of internet proxies.

We are sharing all the tiny stuffs we picked up when operating a profitable proxy network of 800+ net proxy servers. Click over to our little absolutely free proxy websites to study extra and join our ventures. We have absolutely nothing to sell, but you may perhaps get a headache though as we unload tons of insider information. Far more operate for you probably to improve your proxy company for novices.

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