Scissor Lift Tables get their name from the shape of the scissor mechanism under the work platform

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but the industry term for them is a ‘MEWP’ or Mobile Elevated Work Platform. They are an incredibly versatile tool that can serve in many applications. If you are considering investing in one, it’s worthwhile to look at how this powerful tool can benefit you! So, what is a scissor lift table? Well, you can use it to reach materials or objects at a height or lifting loads and heavy goods. It can help protect your back during the safe movement of bulky or heavy items. Musculoskeletal disorders are increasingly affecting workers and scissor lifts can help prevent these by re-positioning work at suitable heights for workers. This can help reduce accidents in the workplace!

Applications & common uses

Smaller scissor lift tables are ideal for transporting products being worked on in a factory or warehouse. Its adjustable work platform can also double up as a table for quick maintenance work! Overall, scissor lifts can be customised and adapted for virtually any application, as handrails, conveyors and gates can easily be added to the platform. Here are a few common applications for the scissor lift table:

  • Commercialpremises maintenance, such as changing lights, adding decorations or sale signs
  • Warehouseor stock room work such as accessing high shelves, lifting bulky items to be stored, pallet and roll cage handling, vehicle loading and dock operations
  • Industrialapplications such as fixing and mounting product parts, carrying heavy items, materials, load & work positioning
  • Building maintenancesuch as window and gutter cleaning, roof inspection and tree-trimming – read our blog on Roof Maintenance for additional information!
  • Workshopusage work such as furniture upholstery, woodworking, metalwork, publishing and surprisingly, dog grooming!
  • Scissor lifts can also aid mobilityas a wheelchair lift to assist in raising and lowering mobility impaired persons

Why it’s worth considering

Security and speed is what you can expect when purchasing a scissor lift table. Falls from ladders are at a higher risk, whereas scissor lifts have a supported platform that will not move unless you want it to. Scissor Lifts can offer more security than other climbing equipment. Scaffolding and towers are another option, but it takes time to set them up. Thus, a scissor lift is ideal for work that needs to be quickly set up and carried out. Simply climb onto the deck, lift yourself up and there you go! A quick and simple work platform. Even while working on a scissor lift table, always stay safe! Wearing a harness is always a good idea when working at height. Read our blog here on Work at Height for more information.

Anatomy of a Scissor Lift Table

Scissor Lift Tables have an straightforward design that, after a bit of training, anyone could operate! Here is a quick video on how to use a Scissor Lift Table:

  • The platformor table is where products can be lifted. It is available in several sizes and can be manufactured in different materials. For example, food handling or pharmaceutical applications might require stainless steel worktops. It is also available in a U structure, which allows hand pallet trucks to introduce goods. Some platforms are fitted with anti-crush protections to prevent injuries.
  • The baseor bottom of the structure is what rests on the floor or what supports the scissor structure. It contains a track that allows the scissor legs to travel in.
  • Scissor legsare the vertical parts that allow the table to change height. They can be single or double, depending on what height elevation is required.
  • Hydraulic cylinders, which allow the table to be raised or lowered when hydraulic fluid is forced in or out of the cylinders. This can be done manually with a foot pump or with an electric motor. The table is then lowered using either a hand-operated release control or electrically.

Maintenance is key

Misapplication, misuse, or lack of maintenance causes the most common accidents around scissor lifts. Make sure someone competent can regularly maintain your scissor lifts and carry risk assessments. Train the operators to ensure that scissor lifts can add more safety and more utility to the workplace!

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