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In this CBD review, I’ll be reviewing Sunday Scaries’ luscious collection of CBD products. The products that I received for a review are CBD Gummies, Vegan As F!*k (CBD Vegan Gummies), CBD Oil Tincture, Unicorn Jerky, and Strawberry CBD Gummies.

I’ll be honest; I was a bit skeptical at first when I was asked to review these products since it’s a fairly new brand. However, there was a particular hype around the products, which made me want to give it a shot. Sunday Scaries features a wide range of CBD applications with different doses of CBD per package.

The packaging itself was out of the ordinary, and the labels were stuck on properly. The overall quality of the packaging is another reason why I wanted to try these out. Now I was keen to find out more about the actual owners of the brand and learn more about their brand since it wasn’t anything ordinary. The overall quality of the products that I received revealed that the actual product has a lot more to offer. Here’s what I found out.

A Little Background of Sunday Scaries

“Sunday scaries,” don’t get the name wrong. It will literally take your “scaries” away. I wanted this review to be as brutally honest as possible, which is why I talked to the owners personally. Sunday Scaires was found by two bar owners, namely Mike and Beau. As some of you might know, managing a bar or any other business is a tough job, and you will rarely find yourself not worrying about the business. Mike and Beau had to work non-stop to keep their bar up and running, and it was doing great.

They were successful at keeping people happy at their bar and were a great help to the community. But, the constant worrying and work stress did them no good. The constant work stress lead the hard-working duo towards CBD as a resort to taking their stress away. Having observed the relaxing and chilling effects of CBD, Mike and Beau founded the brand, Sunday Scaries, back in 2017. The primary reason behind the foundation of Sunday Scaries is that the duo wanted the community to reap the benefits of CBD. It takes your stress and anxiety away, leading people towards happier and healthier lives, which is what motivated Mike and Beau towards the formation of the brand, Sunday Scaries.

Hearing the story personally from the duo made this product review more interesting. I loved reviewing these products, and you’ll soon find out why. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the review of the luscious collection of Sunday Scaries.

Sunday Scaries Products Review

Sunday Scaries Strawberry CBD Gummies

Having a look at the bottle, I loved the genius idea of the name. It said “Bra Bearies” on the bottle. By now, I started to understand why there was a hype around the brand, Sunday Scaries. Mike and Beau obviously have a great sense of humor since the name is actually quite fascinating. But wait, there’s a catch. “Bra Berries’ got its name to support breast cancer. With every purchase, Sunday Scaries donates £2 to The Pink Agenda to support breast cancer research.

Bra Bearies has 20 gummies per bottle, with 200 mg of CBD per bottle and 10 mg of CBD per gummy. The cute little bearies were filled with a sweet and kind of sour mixed flavor, and I just couldn’t resist taking more of the gummies. It mellowed me out within minutes, and I felt a lot relaxed, less stressed, and more focused. The CBD in these gummies is sourced from the US and is thoroughly processed and refined prior to being added to the gummies. The ingredients include corn syrup, gelatin, lactic acid, citric acid, sugar, pectin, artificial flavors, vegetable oil, and carnauba wax.

To top it off, it also includes Vitamin C, which has many health benefits and is proven to boost immunity and improve the overall quality of your health both physically and mentally. I loved the taste, and I was quite happy with my decision to try these out first.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

One thing that I know for sure is that CBD gummies don’t ever disappoint in any way, which is why I had to try out the CBD gummies second. Opening up the bottle revealed multi-colored bears that screamed, “TRY ME, TRY ME.” I was overwhelmed with how attractive, and mouth-watering these appeared and had to take 3 of my favorite colors, red, blue, and yellow.

With 10 mg of CBD per bear, three were more than enough to make me feel stress-free and happy after a busy day at work. It took roughly 20 minutes to show its effects, and honestly speaking, I had the best sleep that night. I woke up with more energy and was relaxed for the meetings that day.

It had a sweet taste, but just the right amount of sweetness. It indicated the perfect blend of ingredients, and I had to find out what gave these gummies the taste and chewiness they have. It includes corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, apple juice from concentrates, citrate, coconut oil, modified food starch (corn), sodium, natural and artificial flavors, carnauba wax, and CBD. Topping it off, the CBD gummies have Vitamin D3 and B12 as bonus ingredients. Taking these gummies on a routine basis will help improve and strengthen your immunity.

Sunday Scaries CBD Vegan Gummies

Are you a vegan? If yes, Sunday Scaries CBD Vegan Gummies are just the right means of CBD intake for you. I tried the vegan gummies before starting my day to get an all-natural experience. With a sweet and sour taste, these were the absolute best to help me prepare for all the interviews we had that day. It also had notes of lemon, cherry, lime, and tangerine.

These vegan gummies are made of all-natural ingredients, and no animals were harmed in the process whatsoever. The ingredients include broad-spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil, citric acid, organic sugar, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12.

Sunday Scaries Vegan Gummies have a whopping 200 mg of CBD per bottle and 10 mg of CBD per gummy. I consumed these right before I left for the office, and by the time I reached my office, I had a clear mind and had no stress or anxiety before conducting the interviews. If you’re wondering, it took roughly 18-20 minutes to get to work, so it is safe to assume these show results within 20 minutes.

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil tinctures have always been my favorite for their quick and better results. After a busy day conducting interviews, I just had to try the CBD Oil Tincture by Sunday Scaries. It has a whopping 500 mg of CBD per bottle, which results in each dropper having 30 mg of CBD.

I took only two droplets under my tongue, and within 20 minutes, I had my mind cleared. Even though I was worried about not having quality sleep that night because of all the workload, I slept like a baby. I didn’t even wake up in the middle of the night and had a good 8-hour sleep that night. The added benefits of Vitamin D3 and B12 made it well worth it, and I just had to make this a part of my routine.

The ingredients of the CBD oil tincture include organic coconut oil, organic stevia, broad-spectrum hemp oil, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and natural flavors. It is gluten-free and GMO-free but has tree nuts that didn’t show any adverse effects. However, it is safer to avoid using this CBD Oil Tincture if you’re allergic.

Sunday Scaries CBD Candy – Unicorn Jerky

Sunday Scaries CBD Candy, Unicorn Jerky is a one of a kind candy that I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love with it. Before I get into the ingredients, you should know that Unicorn Jerky is dedicated to Julia Mike’s sister, that died of suicide. “Helping people deal with stress” is the primary reason behind the addition of Unicorn Jerky to the Sunday Scaries’ collection.

Not only will you be getting a quality product, but you will also be contributing to a social cause, making it a win-win for everyone. With every purchase of the Unicorn Jerky, £1 is donated to The Trevor Project – an endeavor towards the wellbeing of young LGBTQ.

These are colorful candies with a sweet flavor. The primary ingredients include phytocannabinoids, sugar, corn syrup, wheat flour, modified corn starch, malic acid, citric acid, palm and coconut oil, lactic acid, sodium lactate, trisodium citrate, salt mono and diglycerides, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. Like the other products on the list, the CBD candy significantly boosted my moods and helped me feel calmer


From my experience with all of the products by Sunday Scaries, I gladly conclude that these are some of the best products I’ve tried. Not only did they help alleviate stress, but I also loved the choice of flavors and the overall quality of the end products. What I loved about Sunday Scaries is that the owners care about the community and help contribute to it by donating to social causes with the help of their products. I recommend these to everyone looking to get rid of stress and live a healthier and happier life.

January 2021 – Addendum on Goodwill and Reputation

I was sent the products by Daniella from Power Digital. After my review, I asked Daniella whether she could send us the latest Bra Bearies CBD Gummies so that we can supplement our review as our objective is to review the entire product line in order to give an objective assessment of the brand. Daniella replied to me “Additionally, Bra Bearies are unfortunately not available to ship to the UK. I will be sure to let you know if this changes!”. I went to the company’s UK site and the Bra Bearies were available for purchase in the UK. I then replied to Daniella “The Bra Bearies are available in the UK. I am on the UK site and I can easily check out. I think you have made a mistake.”. Since that email, I have not had a response. I was very disappointed by the brand’s sheer lies. It really brings down the reputation of such a seemingly reputable and large company when in fact, it is a real penny pincher that will simply lie to people. As a gesture of goodwill, I have published the reviews not on one but ten sites on our CBD media network and had given the company ten links per article. I have removed all the links from 9 articles because I simply feel that the company is not worthy. I personally found smaller family-run CBD companies to be much more honest and generous. And believe me, I have reciprocated that.


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