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The shuffling four-beat bhangra rhythm has become synonymous with Bollywood music. It can be heard in everything from Martina Topley s Bird to the Public Enemy cover of Black Steel.
Box Office Reports

Bollywood has a huge fan following around the world. And like any ardent fan, they want to be updated on every little detail about their favourite stars and movies. This is where Daily Bo Update comes in. The site is known for bringing out fast and accurate box office collection reports about the Indian film industry.

Vakil’s discussion of the musical underpinnings of Bollywood music was intriguing, though it might have gone over the heads of his all-ages audience at the screening (a seven year old crawled up into my lap for a good portion of the presentation). From Bollywood’s earliest days, its soundtracks were east-west hybrids that blended Indian instruments and rhythms with Western ones, particularly the shuffling four beat Punjabi dance beat known as bhangra.

Bollywood Beats has been a hit on the international indie film fest circuit and was picked up for DVD distribution by Breaking Glass Pictures. It’s well worth a look, especially for anyone in the mood for some rousing Bollywood dancing.
Movie Reviews

Bollywood is one of the biggest industries in the world and there is always a buzz around the latest movies. With the controversies, relationships stories, casting choices and box office reports there is a lot that goes on in this fast paced industry.

Whether you are looking for Bollywood movie reviews, celebrity gossip or any other entertainment news you can find it all at Bollywood Hungama. The website aims to keep its users up to date with the latest Hollywood and Bollywood news, avoiding gossip pieces and focusing on news based articles that are both vetted and confirmed.

Bollywood Beats is a dance film that follows Raj, an Indian-American choreographer who teaches a class of Indian women how to dance in Los Angeles. With a cast including Vincent, a gay teen determined to pursue dancing despite his family’s disapproval; Jyoti, an ambitious South Indian student who is new to America and friendless; and Laxmi, whose grandmother forced her into the classes, the group manages to find family, friendship and love in their dancing.
Cast & Crew

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Saakshi Bhadwaraj (22′) is a student at Amador High School who has dedicated her life to singing and hopes to one day have a career in Bollywood. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update has a strong love for classical carnatic music, but wants to expand her musical range by learning Bollywood and pop songs.

This positive royalty free bhangra upbeat soundtrack is a mix of Indian rhythms and instruments, featuring tabla, dhol, ghatam and bansuri. It’s perfect for Indian fashion shows, Bollywood cinema projects and other upbeat, positive and inspiring videos and projects.

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Release Dates

Bollywood is an industry with a ton of buzz surrounding it. With rumors of cast changes, relationship scandals and controversies, there’s always something new to discuss. In this blog, we’ll be keeping you updated on all the latest Bollywood news and gossip!

We’ll also cover some of the latest Bollywood movies that have hit the theaters or are slated to release soon. From Bollywood dance movies to dramas to comedies, we’ll cover it all! We’ll also give you a look at the top Bollywood soundtracks.

The earliest Bollywood music was a mixture of east-west musical styles that blended Indian instruments and musical structures with western ones. This trend continues to this day. Even in modern Bollywood films, you’ll often find Indian Hindustani classical vocalists singing atop western jazz rhythms, and Indian folk musicians playing tumbi, tabla, and dadra with traditional Indian taals—which are 7 beat cycles (3+2+2) that somewhat resemble western waltz time.

With a focus on preserving cultural traditions and celebrating the diversity of India, Bollywood’s music is as eclectic as its people. It’s not only a way for Bollywood to share its culture, but it’s also a way for its artists to connect with their audiences. The following Bollywood songs are sure to get you dancing and singing along!

A Bollywood dance and royalty free bhangra upbeat background music track featuring tabla, dholak, ghatam, and traditional Indian folk voices. Perfect for any party or celebration.

Written and directed by Mehul Shah, this film has been a juggernaut on the international indie festival circuit since its premiere in early 2009. Produced by Kinetik Films and distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures, Bollywood Beats is an enchanting film about a struggling dancer, Raj, who meets a group of Indian women in Los Angeles and convinces them to let him teach them to dance. Eventually, they form a small community of their own and Raj must choose between pursuing his professional goals and supporting this newfound family.

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