The Science Behind Effective Entrance Mats

May 4, 2023 Others

As a facilities manager, having a solid understanding of entrance mat science can make an enormous difference. Selecting the appropriate mat for any given location can reduce slip accidents and lower maintenance costs for floors.

Entrance mats come in all sorts of materials with distinct properties and should meet your specific requirements and be easy to clean and maintain. When choosing entrance mats for your business or institution, it is crucial that they fit your specific needs while being easy to keep looking their best!

Coir is an eco-friendly by-product from the coconut industry that serves as a sustainable and rot-resistant alternative to peat for soft fruit growers, providing long-term stability compared to its short shelf life (peat).

Coir is made from the fibrous husks of young coconuts soaked for up to 10 months in water before being cleaned and dried for use as insulation material.

This material can then be spun into yarn for use in various products as well as used to enrich soil conditions. It makes an excellent soil amendment.

Coir fiber makes an excellent soil additive to increase air porosity and moisture retention in tropical gardens, especially hardy tropical ones. Plus, it’s completely weed seed free! Plus it can improve pH levels as well.
Ultimate Mats is a thermoplastic plastic manufactured through either gas-phase or liquid-phase processes, making it one of the two most widely produced commodity plastics after polyethylene and used to make products both in industrial and consumer settings.

Plastic film is an extremely flexible material that can be formed into various shapes to meet various application needs. It is widely utilized by food packaging firms, shampoo manufacturers, cleaning supplies suppliers and medical equipment makers as a material suitable for their packaging requirements.

Entrance mats made from this durable material can withstand heavy foot traffic without becoming flattened or worn down, making them effective at scraping dirt and debris without becoming worn down over time. They’re also weatherproof – an added advantage in areas that experience frequent rain.

Nylon is a man-made synthetic fibre with exceptional durability that finds use in various products such as women’s stockings, toothbrush bristles and industrial wear components.

Nylon fabric boasts tough and resilient properties that make it the ideal material for entrance mats in commercial settings with high foot traffic. Plus, its versatility allows it to be combined with other materials for different textures, strengths and lusters.

Nylon is an elastic material with excellent oil and grease resistance that finds application in many military applications, including parachutes, backpacks, hammocks, luggage and life vests. Furthermore, its strength makes it an excellent material choice for manufacturing ropes, tents and ponchos.

Rubber mats have long been recognized for their effective entrance mat use. Produced naturally from polyisoprene (commonly referred to as natural rubber), rubber is a highly elastic and resilient polymer with an approximate molecular weight range from 100,000-1,000,000 daltons.

rubber has exceptional elasticity and resilience, which explains its widespread application in products like hoses, belts, gaskets, seals and automotive tires. Furthermore, its abrasion resistance surpasses that of steel!

These attributes, in combination with its exceptional water-proof capabilities, make rubber an excellent material for entrance floor matting. Its textured surface helps scrape away dry dirt to prevent slips and falls while adding extra traction when wet, making walking on it effortless.

Rubber door mats come in an assortment of styles, colors and sizes that make them perfect for indoor or outdoor entryways in both residential and commercial settings. Some models feature elegant cast iron designs to add a bit of decor while others boast professional-looking linear or wave-like surface patterns for the best appearance possible.

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