TOP 5 Guilin Outdoor Activities and Tours

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Guilin is a great destination with an impressive review from locals and foreigners. The city offers something rare and unique to visitors… unspoilt fun on the Karst Mountain, authentic pleasure at Elephant Trunk Hill and lots more. Here’s a list of recommended TOP 5 Outdoor Activities and Tours for you in Guilin.


  1. Fall in love with the Natural Mountain Peak.


Considered as the most scenic on our planet, Karst Mountain and Yangshuo are well famed. Get close to them to have an up-close view of their beauty, so you can best appreciate it. There are lots of things to do, from a gentle river cruise to a thrilling bamboo rafting, riverside mind blowing hiking and lots more. Whichever you prefer, superb fun is guaranteed.


  1. Enjoy hiking at Longji Rice Terraces.


Also called Dragon bone, the Rice terraces are one of the most picturesque in the whole planet. Photographers as well as hikers have it on their radar. Walk through the village, crack jokes with the locals, laugh at their pranks, take a snapshot with them and feel the kind spirit they possess as well as hospitality. Top it up with the mouth-watering food you’ll be offered and don’t forget to capture some sunset moments before leaving.


  1. Enjoy biking in Yangshuo countryside.


Yangshuo is blessed with stunning parts of Karst landscape with awesome sceneries. Get a cycling facility and enjoy the wonderful breeze playing through your hair as you cycle alongside rice paddies and happy locals. Gaze at the Moon hill, Yulong River, buffalos in the fields and lots more. For more, rent a scooter for more speed and fancy comfort.


  1. Treat yourself to a plate of Rice Noodles.


Rice noodles is one of the local dishes in Guilin, it’s made from rice instead of wheat flour. A feast of this local dish will transfer you into the heart of Guilin’s local life. After a bowl of rice with different toppings, your life and experience will be treated with a different detour to a next level of sweet memories never to be forgotten.


  1. Experience nightlife in Yangshuo or Guilin.


Nighttime in Chinese cities is always like daylight. Waste no time, immediately night falls, get out into the streets, stroll into the heart of the city, walk into a bar or wander around night markets, join youngsters in night clubs for a wonderful time because by the time you get back home, your face will be full of smiles.


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