What Are Aimpint Red Dot Sights?

Nov 18, 2020 Others

Nowadays we are so busy pursuing our goals that we often do not delve deep into things that surround us. Outdoor activities have become competitions that we strive to win. Well, there’s nothing wrong in it. A healthy competition is fun and boosts the adrenalin. But understanding a device that you are using helps in better performance. Often a little research turns out to be quite interesting which you can share with your pals. Hunting is a sport, an activity that involves a lot of physical labor and planning. But the devices that we use, right from weapons to the accessories, each of them has a tale to tell. Today, it is all about the much talked about red dot sights http://www.sissy-n-cr.com/what-are-aimpint-red-dot-views/.

My interest in red dot sights arose when I started using the Aimpoint Micro H-1 2MOA. Some fellows I know had used this device and were quite happy with it. They recommended these sights and gave me countless lectures on how they are better than the usual scopes. After a little research on my end on the Internet I decided to use it. I had put my order online for this Aimpoint optics for sale. For those who have any doubt about what red dot sights are, here’s the answer. Wikipedia describes these devices as ‘a type of non-magnifying reflector (or reflex) sight for firearms that gives the user an Aimpoint in the form of an illuminated red dot.’ The standard devices use the red LED to generate a dot on the illuminated reticle. This dot will stay in the sight even if you move your eye position. There are no reticle issues and these devices are parallax free.

The reason why the Aimrpoint products are so popular is because of their fast target acquisition and easy usage for target shooting. Hence, these are widely used by hunters, police and military personnel. It was in 1975 that for the first time a Swedish optics company Aimpoint AB introduced the “electronic” red dot sight by combining an LED and reflecting curved mirror. This device was based on the design presented by Helsingborg engineer John Arne Ingemund Ekstrand. The LED would work for 1500 to 3000 hours on mercury batteries. Gradually, other companies also got into manufacturing these devices. With time many improvements took place in these units. The most noticeable was a low power consuming LED. Finally, it was the US military who introduced Aimpoint Red Dot Sight into field use. Even today, they are used in the US military as well as by the civilians.

Reticles play an important role in these kinds of sports optics. The reticles in these devices are measured in “MOA”. A red dot is the most common reticle used in these devices that has the capacity to cover 5MOA. However, there are several sights where a larger dot is preferred.

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